Massachusetts Maritime Academy #15 on best return on investment

Discussion in 'Publicly and Privately Funded Military Colleges' started by tankercaptain, May 30, 2013.

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    Beat out by SUNY Maritime, where, apparently, the starting salary straight out of school is $9,000 more?
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    I'd venture a guess that SUNY's starting salary is more a reflection of the higher cost of living in and around NYC, assuming that the majority of SUNY Maritime grads obtain employment in the marine transportation industries in and around NY Harbor.
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    I know of 3 SUNY graduates in Marine engineering who started at $5000 above the quoted average two years ago and are now making approximately $100,000 at this time. They are working approximately 150 miles north of New York City in a rural area.

    In the same survey, SUNY maritime is rated fifth in the country. The bottom line is that both schools are fantastic schools with both offering great jobs after graduation. Both schools are very challenging in as much as you pretty much go to school all year round and take a very heavy course load between 18 and 21 credits per semester. I know that SUNY maritime offers both Navy and Marine ROTC as well as merchant Marine programs.
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    Absolutely- these are both fantastic schools that do an excelent job in preparing their graduates for careers afloat or ashore. They are pretty reasonably priced for both in state and out of state students- (especially if the out-of-staters are within the regional agreements that they each have with a multitude of other states). As an aside- both are located in locations that are really pretty darn interesting if you happen to be a 21 year old college student- Ft Schuyler (SUNY Maritime) is sitting on the Throgs Neck Penninsula in the Bronx (New York City) and Mass Maritime is sitting on Buzzards Bay at the base of the bridge leading to Cape Cod. Finally, as a cadet at either, you get the chance to really do something different sailing aboard the training ships TS Empire State or TS Kennedy as well as on commercial ships . The Empire State was just in New Orleans and I believe is now enroute to Dublin- not a bad way to spend your summer!

    As the article shows - these are definitely places that those on board this forum should consider when looking at colleges.

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