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    Hello! Recently I've been wondering how an Active Duty seaman, who graduated from the Naval Academy (this applies to the other academies, too) goes about getting a Masters. I know there's the Naval Postgraduate School, but I haven't been able to find much about how it works. How does one complete everything while active duty? How exactly does it all work? Thank you
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    Well, in my day, people took a lot of "Night and Weekend" classes. But ever since Al Gore invented the internet, it's a lot easier. Some individuals are stationed in a town with a college/university. Those overseas have options like the University of Maryland, Park College, and many other choices. And again; online internet courses are much more popular now.
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    You can also get picked up to do grad school for a tour if you apply. From what I've heard it's a pretty good gig because you're getting paid your full salary to go to school.
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    In large part it depends on what kind of unit you're at. My first tour I was on a ship. I can't imagine having much time to complete a degree on a ship, both because of the time at sea and the lack of a good internet connection.

    My next tour I was at headquarters in Washington, D.C. I applied for the post 9/11 GI Bill and received it. Then I applied to GW and got in. After work 2-3 times a week I would head to class, get out around 9:30-10 p.m. and go home. Add in homework, projects etc, it really starts to load up your schedule.

    But in the end it's totally worth it. If you're attached to a land billet it's totally doable. At sea, it may be a little hard, but not impossible. And as long as it doesn't kill your productivity, commands generally appreciate you advancing your education. Two of my three recommendations for grad school came from my direct supervisor and her boss. The third was from one of my professors from CGA.

    I feel the need to add, GW was GREAT with its veterans.

    Good luck!
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    Shore duty.

    The same way the rest of us in the real world do it. On our own time, nights and weekends. Sometimes we even pay for it ourselves ... oh the humanity!

    If you stay in you will reach a point where 2 or 3 shore tours and no Masters will look negatively upon you for promotion. You won't find very many O5s without a Masters Degree.
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    If you're in the Army, could you apply for a tour for college?
  7. MemberLG

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    Need to ask your question better. What is a tour in your mind?

    If your question is if you can be assigned to a college as your duty location. Yes. You can be a ROTC instructor at a college. You can be a full time student, as to getting is a degree is your military assignment.
  8. Frankie

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    Sorry, but yes that was my question. Is the choice in college within your hands or some higher power?
  9. Christcorp

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    We're talking about the "Military". NOTHING is within your hands. :biggrin:
  10. LineInTheSand

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    For the Coast Guard at least, you apply for the program (like my brother-in-law).... say "history". Then you apply to schools. He's going to Yale. Then the Coast Guard OKs the school.
  11. Luigi59

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    R 061610Z MAY 13

    ALCOAST 196/13
    COMDTNOTE 1524


    1. In accordance with Reference (a), this message provides further
    information regarding DCO sponsored Advanced Education opportunities.
    Detailed information for each program listed below can be found on
    the COMDT (CG-DCO-84) portal page at:

    A. Command and Staff College: NAVY/USMC,
    B. Chemical Engineering,
    C. Electrical Power System and Controls Engineering,
    D. Emergency Management,
    E. Environmental Management,
    F. Fire Protection Engineering,
    G. Homeland Security,
    H. International Affairs,
    I. Marine Engineering,
    J. Marine Science/Oceanography,
    K. Mechanical Engineering,
    L. Marine Affairs/Living Marine Resource,
    M. Public Administration, and
    N. Transportation Management.

    2. Members desiring a challenging and rewarding opportunity with
    increased responsibility are encouraged to apply. Graduates will be
    placed in positions that directly impact mission execution. These
    positions demand significant technical expertise to facilitate
    interaction with domestic and international commercial shipping
    communities, industries, respective regulatory bodies, international
    partner nations and other military services.

    3. E-resume application procedures and deadlines will be announced by
    CG PSC-OPM-1 in an AY14 Post-Graduate application message.

    4. The selection process will consider: an Officers promotability in
    their primary occupational specialty, past performance of duty,
    academic achievement, as well as current aptitude test scores.
    Selected members will begin their studies in assignment year 2014.

    5. Officers from all communities should be aware of how advanced
    education programs could impact their qualification currency (i.e.,
    flight or afloat windows). Since the combined school/payback length
    will range from 3-5 years, it is best for candidates to apply from
    operational/field units so they can complete their payback tours in
    time to return to their field within the applicable window. Officers
    with questions about potential impacts to their primary specialty
    should contact their assignment officers and/or program POCs below.

    6. Student cost shares and tuition caps are subject to budgetary
    constraints. Applicants should be aware that the FY14 AFC-56 budget
    may result in an increased cost share for the student over previous
  12. Luigi59

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    Apr 1, 2007
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    R 061343z may 13

    alcgpsc 051/13
    subj: Officer postgraduate and advanced education application process
    for assignment year 2014

    a. Cg performance, training, and education manual, comdtinst

    b. Active duty officer postgraduate and advanced education
    application process guide assignment year 2014

    c. Officer accessions, evaluations, and promotions, comdtinst m1000.3

    d. Comcogard forcecom norfolk va//fc-c// 201248z feb 13, alcoast
    067/13 coast guard advanced education program allocations fy 2013

    e. Alcoast 154/09 addition of employee career summary sheet with
    individual, board and panel view through coast guard business
    intelligence (cgbi)

    1. This alcgpsc msg announces postgraduate and advanced education
    (pg/adv ed) opportunities offered by the coast guard to qualified
    officers and select enlisted members. It clarifies the pg/adv ed
    application procedures outlined in ref (a). Where the application
    process guidance in this message conflicts with ref (a), guidance
    herein and in ref (b) takes precedence. These procedures also govern
    enlisted members applying to the physician assistant program. Future
    guidance will be released via message regarding senior education and
    fellowship panels.

    2. In order to maintain fairness to all applicants in this highly
    competitive process, the published requirements and deadlines will be
    rigorously enforced. Applicants bear the responsibility for ensuring
    their application is submitted on time, complete, and in compliance
    with applicable instructions and requirements. Applicants are
    responsible for working with their command, spo, and psc records
    branch (bops-c-mr) to correct any record errors or omissions.
    Applicants who fail to meet the established requirements will not be
    considered by the selection panels.

    3. Eligibility requirements:

    A. Only officers who are tour complete in 2014 are permitted to

    B. Officers must have a minimum of two years commissioned uscg
    service at the time of enrollment in the academic program in the fall
    of 2014.

    C. Members who are currently enrolled in a uscg sponsored pg/adv ed
    program or who are currently serving in a specialty tour following
    completion of a pg/adv ed program are not eligible to apply.
    Additionally, those members who have already attended full-time
    pg/adv ed programs through the coast guard will not normally be
    selected for another opportunity. However, these officers are not
    precluded from applying as there are programs for members seeking
    higher level degrees in their specialty (e.g., law-llm, ms in
    acquisition project management).

    D. Officers applying to pg/adv ed programs leading to an advanced
    degree must have a conferred baccalaureate degree at the time of
    their e-resume submission. The only exceptions to this requirement
    are those members applying to: Advanced computer, engineering and
    technology (acet), aeronautical engineering officer (aeo) training,
    contract management, naval engineering technology (net), and
    physician assistant programs. Applicants to these programs should
    consult the respective program solicitation message for specific
    academic requirements.

    E. Members recalled from retirement are not eligible to apply.

    F. Officers who submit a retirement or resignation request will be
    removed from further consideration for any pg/adv ed programs.

    G. Officers who are not selected for promotion during the pg/adv ed
    panel season will have their applications withdrawn or will be
    removed as a primary or alternate selectee.

    H. Targeted grade ranges for specific pg/adv ed programs will be
    identified in the respective program solicitation.

    I. Additional requirements may be set forth in program-specific
    solicitations. Members of the cg reserve or officers holding a
    reserve commission should review paragraph 9 below before submitting
    an application.

    4. Ref (b) is the primary source for information in properly
    completing the application process in direct access. Pages 13-20 of
    ref (b) contain several checklists and guidance on program selection
    to complete the e-resume and e-interview portion of the application
    correctly. Applicants, units, and spos should use this guide and its
    checklists to ensure eligibility requirements are met and direct
    access functions are submitted on time. The guide is available on
    the opm-1 websites listed in paragraph 19 below.

    5. Selection panels are guided by the panel precept and base their
    decisions on information in official records and applications. Panels
    will see the following for each applicant:

    A. Ipdr (note: All service entries, whether enlisted or officer, will
    be viewed).

    B. Applicant's e-resume pg/adv ed choices in preference order and mbr

    C. Command e-interview comments.

    D. Education and test data from direct access.

    E. Tour completion date and assignment history.

    F. Employee summary sheet (ess) - panel view.

    G. Letters of recommendation are required for the physician assistant
    and dental residency programs only. Letters of recommendation will
    not be considered for applicants to any other program.

    H. Some programs may require writing samples. These should be
    submitted in accordance with program specific solicitation messages.

    I. Separate communications to the panel other than e-resume comments
    are not permitted.

    6. Prospective applicants should act now to ensure their ipdr is
    complete (e.g., oers, cg-4082, and academic transcripts). Officers
    applying for pg/adv ed programs should not delay their regular
    annual/semiannual oer submissions. A special oer documenting an
    applicant's most recent performance may be submitted if it meets the
    criteria of art. 5.a.3.c.1.c of ref (c).

    7. Officers are encouraged to review ref (e) concerning their ess.
    The ess provides a consolidated view of their information as it
    appears in direct access. This serves as a means for every coast
    guard member to review his/her personal data and to ensure the
    information in the hr system is updated and accurate.

    8. Specific guidance for aviators: Aviators may apply to all pg/adv
    ed programs except for law (jd and llm), medical (e.g., health care
    administration), or those designated for public health service (phs)
    officers. Aviators should carefully examine aviation career
    incentive pay (acip) gates and upcoming assignment windows when
    considering applying for any of the eligible programs. Follow-on
    tours within each educational study will not be deferred. Based on
    the current service need to keep aircraft commanders in the fleet,
    aviators completing their first operational tour will remain in an
    operational assignment for at least a second consecutive tour. The
    maximum number of aviators selected per program will be determined
    based on service need, aviation program requirements, and balancing
    pg/adv ed opportunities for aviators. Questions should be referred to
    the respective aviation assignment officer.
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    Depends, for Army ROTC assignment, I think you can submit your top choices.

    For other graduate opportunties, there are some restriction/limitation/guidance. For example, instructors for West Point are told which graduate programs are acceptable. For teaching politicial science, Harvard will work but not University of Phoneix (I don't know for sure). .

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