Math Placement Exams

DD validated 8 classes, excelled at a varsity sport, and maintained a 4.0 throughout the year. High validators get a special briefing during or just after PS in which they are told that additional opportunities await them if they don't screw up. Those opportunities include: academic/research, studying abroad, etc.

My DD clearly has a different approach to academia than her father. I participated in the validation exams years ago to be out of the sun, not be yelled at for a couple of hours, and to nap.
I find this topic interesting. Most "parents" of SA cadet/midshipmen tell me that our DS should underperform on the testing. Many "graduates" tell me that DS should validate what he can. Their attitude was that Plebe year sucks anyway, so taking the "suck" in year one opens opportunity down the road (double major, lighter or more diverse schedule). I like the idea NavyHoops alluded to that you don't "have to" move into different classes if you don't feel like it. From mjm's mid perspective, I'd be curious if the kids that score really well in high school but struggle in the SA were the kind of kids that spent all their time studying to get those grades in high school. Our DS went to a Calculus class of a 3/C on his recruiting trip last year. He was offered the pop quiz and aced it. He's one of those folks perfect score kids (with what seems like little effort) and as a swimmer, he's been conditioned to live with compressed time schedule. Still, I wonder if the SA will be a "wake up" call to a different level. I hear GPA rules over difficulty of subject matter (I.e. Physics I A trumps the Quantum Physics B). I guess it all comes down to the individual. He will meet with a 2/C midshipman today to discuss, but I suspect he'll do his best and not lay down.

DS validated quite a few classes with no regrets, according to him. I was concerned about him starting first semester plebe year in calc 3 but he said it was easier for him than his AP calc BC was- basically, he feels validating gives a lot of flexibility with options during your four years.
I've seen the list of validation exams on the USNA website, but does anyone know what the rest of the mids who don't take the validation exams do while these exams are being held?