MD District 6--Hon. Roscoe Bartlett


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Dec 2, 2008
Good Morning! Has anyone heard from the Hon. Roscoe Bartlett's office yet? We are hoping to hear before Christmas (if it is good news!) :smile:
I think our mail carrier is more anxious for us to be done with this waiting more than we are :biggrin:
Awesome News Thank you Representative Bartlett!!

Great news, just heard from Congressman Bartlett's office. Son has received a nomination to USNA! We are beyond thrilled!
Now we just wait on USNA's determination regarding his medical waiver. We are going to be having an awesome Christmas. We wish the same for all of you on this forum! (as far as your Academy wishes and Christmas/Holidays, of course!). :thumb:
See pm!

Them dumb senators. haha Way to go!

Merry Christmass:groupwave:
pmlutton, congratulations to your son for receiving a nomination to USNA!! Doesn't he have one to USMMA, too?
Hi! He has LOA and nom for USNA, and LOA on its way here from USMMA! It is a happy day! Thank you for the good wishes!