Medical and eye exams complete what?


Apr 22, 2016
DS had his eye exam and physical last week after being awarded an AROTC scholarship. He checked DODMETS site and it says incomplete? How long should it take for that to update? Should he follow up with the doctors' offices where he had his exams to make sure everything was submitted? I feel like I'm being impatient but just don't want things to take longer than they need to.
Give them 2 weeks to report that the exams have been recieved. Then call DoDMETS and ask if they have the reports from the exams.
It would be best if you allow your DS to do the follow up.
Hi. Thanks for the feedback. Was definitely planning to have DS do any necessary follow up. Just didn't know how long to wait before having him do that. Thanks again.
DODMerb is now in review status. Now we wait. Expecting at least a remedial for asthma.