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    My son was offered a Level 7 ROTC Scholarship and is awaiting the results of the USAFA Selections. Two days ago we received a letter from DODMERB stating he was medically ineligible for the following:

    Cholesteatoma, history of
    History of inner or middle ear surgery
    Hearing loss exceeding medical accession standards

    In 2008 surgery was performed to remove a cholesteatoma in the left ear. There have been no adverse effects and the ear is now healthy and stable.

    In reviewing AR 40-501, it appears that my son's hearing falls within a waiver-able range. Chart 7-1 places him in profile 2 for hearing. His in the right ear is in the normal range.

    My question is how to go about the waiver process. In some places it appears I can formally apply for a waiver and in others it appears to be automatic. I'm also wondering what the success rate might be for such a condition in case we need to make alternate plans for college.

    Any advice would be appreciated.

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    You don't apply for a waiver. It is pursued by the AFA and/or ROTC.

    However, they will contact you for additional medical records and/or tests- so if you are aware of records, test results, etc. that haven't already been submitted now is the time to get them so you can move quickly when contacted.
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    I would suggest to repost this on the DoDMERB forum.

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