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    I have identical twins who are applying to the Naval Academy. They have completed everything and are now just awaiting their nomination status and, hopefully an appointment.

    Both of them have braces on their teeth.

    I understand you cannot be admitted with the braces still on, but we didn't think that would be a problem since they are both scheduled to get them off in June 2009. When they went if for their physicals (at different times), they brought a letter from their orthodontist stating that the braces are going to be removed this June.

    One of my sons got a disqualification medical code for "orthodontic appliances" (code D04.00) and the other got a remedial code (R252.80) with follow-up paperwork regarding the braces. In the second case, they mailed us a to be filled out by the orthodontist.

    I don't understand why the same, common condition is handled so differently; one with a complete disqualification, the other with remedial, administrative follow-up.

    Surely, it is very common for a candidate to have braces. Since they are coming off well before admission, I do not understand why they are being treated so differently.

    Has there been some kind of mistake made by the medical board? It makes no sense.

    David Emerling
    Memphis, TN
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    :D I see you have found your way here, he will probably check it by tomorrow night. If you are exteremly desperate his email address is posted on other threads.
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    I resolved with a phonecall and email last night:thumb: