Medical Exam USNA vs NROTC

Jun 14, 2016
If I have already passed the USNA exam through dobmerb (TWE to USNA) but I have been awarded an NROTC scholarship, what happens with my medical results? Does NROTC use the same medical exam and thus I am still qualified, or will I need to take a new medical exam?

Additionally does NROTC require additional medical forms like USNA does for appointed candidates?
No, DODMERB is the same for any SA or ROTC. The only difference is if you had a waiver, it would need to go to NROTC for approval. If you had no waivers, then you are good to go.
NROTC will use the same DoDMERB that was issued by USNA.
Your DoDMERB is good for two years. Just notify your NROTC recruiting officer.

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