Medical requirements for pilots

Discussion in 'Life After the Academy' started by schul542, Oct 2, 2016.

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    I am hoping to attend the USAFA as the class of 2021. My goal is to become a pilot after the academy. I am male who is only 5'4" and I am not expected to grow anymore. This is the very minimum height requirement to qualify for the pilot slot, but I know there are other measurements they test. Also, I have a rod in my right leg from when I broke it. I have full mobility and a complete recovery, but should I be concerned about being medically qualified with those two issues? Thank you.
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    This is probably not the best place for this question as this forum doesn't get too much traffic. Id try the DoDMERB or USAFA forums if you don't get an answer here (or delete this and repost elsewhere)
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    My DD is not quite your height and is about to finish primary flight training (Marines). While at the academy she underwent a physical screening that measured things like elbow to wrist length, hip to knee length etc., you get the picture. From that they told her what platforms she could fly and which she couldn't. In all, there was only one from which she was precluded. All the rest were open.

    I'm sure there is a similar process in the AF.

    But your first task is to get in. Then there will be plenty of opportunities.
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    DS is flying a cargo plane, but was not disqualified from any airframe despite the rod in his femur. Best of luck. You'll have to get a waiver from DoDMERB