Medical waiver delay?


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Jan 7, 2008
Hi all,

So I finished everything I needed to finish in December of last year, except for getting a final medical qualification. I went through several rounds of remedials and ended up being disqualified in January. I immediately submitted a waiver, and went through a few more rounds of remedials until just last week, I found I had finally been given the thumbs up! I'm trying to figure out now, though, what that delay cost me. I was told by my admissions counselor a few weeks ago that my file had already been reviewed by the admissions panel twice, and I don't know what to make of that.

Would they have delayed making an admissions decision just because I didn't have the medical go-ahead? Does that then mean that I need to be reviewed a THIRD time by the panel before they'll tell me whether I've been accepted or not? Have they already made a decision and for some reason could not inform me of it until my waiver was either granted or denied?

All pointless question, I know, since I'll find out my answer soon enough. I'm just looking for any ideas, anything that could relieve some of the stress of waiting, waiting, waiting! I suppose a "sit tight" would do just as well.
Medical has no bearing on the admissions office making a determination on whether or not to offer an appointment. So in that respect, the waiver did not slow down your admissions package one iota.
I was waiting for a waiver and after I got it, admissions told me that my file was being reviewed again for admission. I received an appointment not long after getting the waiver.
That's encouraging, CC!

RetNavyHM: That's what I would have thought, but when I asked my admissions counselor, he told me that, since there were different categories of qualifications, the AFA wanted a certain amount of Potential Pilot Qualified and that this factored into their decision. Perhaps I just don't understand the admission panel process, but wouldn't it make sense, had a decision been reached, to send an offer or denial? Or if one hadn't, then is it common to have your application sit through several panels, kind of in limbo between being admitted and being rejected?
It is a good thing that you kept on top of the medical situation. So many kids just let it slide, and then they do have problems come spring. That's a lesson for all candidates, be as diligent in the paper work as you are in the academics and athletics.