Medical Waiver denied?


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Jan 14, 2007
Hey- DODMERB recently denied me for two things.. the first because have arch problems in my feet (although I wear orthodics and don't have any problems) and the second was because of a family history of bi-polar disorder, which I don't and have never had. However, West Point's doctors also looked at the DQ. After they recieved it no more than a few days ago, today I looked on the website and saw "USMA- Medical Waiver denied". I was wondering if their is anything I can do about this? Can I have more tests done at my expense? The problems arn't that significant really, and my parents and I are extremely confused why I would be denied so fast without even a phone call or additional testing. So my question is... Is their anything that I can do from this point on? Can I have additional testing done to help pass my case?? Anyone who's been their or retnavy would be a great help. Hoping for some good news...

The waiver authority apparently saw something in your records that they felt was not compatible with military service. If you feel that their decision was not the correct one, I would suggest writing a letter explaining why you feel it was incorrect.

I would write the letter to DoDMERB requesting that they forward it on to the waiver authorities. In the letter I would break it down into 2 sections, one for each disqualification. I would make sure that you explain, in your own words, how the disqualification has affected you, what medications if any you have ever taken for the disqualification and what activities you participate in. I would also state in your letter your willingness to have further medical evaluations completed.

The waiver authorities will review your case once again. It is possible for them to overturn a wavier denial.

I would also contact your admissions officer and let him/her know that you are requesting the wavier authorities to review your case again; this lets them know that you are still very interested in the academy.

If there is anything else I can assist you with, please feel free to ask away.