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    Once the academy requests DodMERB to request information necessary to determine if a medical waiver will be granted, what happens with the academy application. Is my understanding correct that the academy will then have the Board review the application (without indicating that a medical waiver is needed)?
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    My free advice. Learn who is handling the case inside of USAFA and stay close to the process. Not in an annoying way but in a friendly on-top-of-it way. The reality is that USAFA person assigned to your DD or DS case has a thick stack on their desk of people that may or may not be interested in attending the AFA. You want your folder to be pushed along (a voice with a name). In my DS situation, it helped to let the admin person know that we were extremely interested in jumping though several hoops. By staying close we were able to understand what the AF cardiologists concerns were after we did some preemptive evaluations from local (Mayo) experts. This last sentence my not apply to your situation. At the end of the day, it was deemed a non-issue and all is well.
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    My DD went through this process last year. The board doesn't delay its review due to a medical waiver request. In fact, if a waiver is requested by the Academy, it means they have a strong interest in the candidate. This is good news. :)

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