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Dec 10, 2007

This is my first post, so I am new at this. My Daughter attended AIM Camp this year and had a great experience and put in her application. She is a great athlete in 3 sports and top in her class. She did the medical exam and they requested more information so we sent it in. Then one Sunday night in mid December she gets a call from some doctor (she did not remember his name) asking questions about the material she sent in. It was on a sting she got as a kid, which she does not remember much. He told her that based on her comments, he would not be able to approve her medically since she had this sting. She was crushed and then in 2 weeks she got a letter back indicating she was deferred.

I heard that students can get accepted to the CG Academy then they will be reviewed for medical? Is this true?

I can't believe the board would dismiss someone for something that happened once in their life. Something that is correctable with medicine (just like glasses correct poor eye site back to normal).

Is there anything we can do now to improve her chances for a waiver?

Does anyone know of someone that got in with before with allergies to Bee stings? We don't even know if she is allergic since we don't know what stung her when she was young.


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TJ kids do get accepted before getting final DODMERB may wish to post this on the DODMERB thread below. The guy who worked for them is very good at those questions(RetNav)...but from my experience waivers are doable. My son had a minor bout with asthma and was on allergy shots but managed to get a waiver. He no longer has those problems and has thrived at the school.

Good luck to you and DD...PM me if you have any other questions.:shake: