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    My son received a letter from USMA stating he was qualified academically and in physical aptitude, however your medical status is undetermined at this time. About one month ago he received a letter stating medically disqualified, but due to his record of accomplishment they are requesting the Surgeon review your medical file for a waiver consideration. The first letter then states only a small percentage of each incoming class may enter with a medical waiver, and are reserved for candidates with extraordinary potential.
    At the close of the letter it states if the Surgeon indicates your medical condition may be waived and your are qualified for admission in all other respects the Admissions Committee will consider you for a waiver.

    Also, USNA has already granted him a waiver, and qualified him.

    We are a little confused, what comes first with respect to USMA, the academically qualified or waiver, and does one depend on the other. And does a waiver only come after you are qualified.

    Also he does have nominations to both USNA and USMA from our Congressman.


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