Aug 1, 2016
I am applying for an NROTC Marine Option Scholarship and I have heard it's helpful to meet with your local OSO before submitting your application. What are the benefits of meeting with an OSO? Is it just so you can make a good impression on him or her or are there other benefits?
Possible benefits

1) It sets you up for a backup plan of enrolling in the Platoon Leader's Class if you don't get NROTC
2) It may be the case that the OSO is one of your future interviewers
3) If you plan on attending the school where the OSO is officed, they often have a relationship with the MOI
4) Interview experience
5) The OSO also is in the chain of command with the RS district you are assigned

Having said that, my son never met with the OSO prior to the NROTC process, although there was contact during the process.
Agree with rocatlin that there might be possible benefits.

You should know that the OSO has his own mission with OCC & PLC, separate and independent of the NROTC Marine Option scholarship selection process.

Your primary focus should be engaging the Marine officer assigned to you when you begin your on-line application. That's who will be interviewing you, evaluating your application, putting your package together, and briefing it. Might also administer the PFT as well.

Semper Fi,
Also agree with rocatlin and DTrain about potential benefits.

OSO's definitely have their own agenda and are focused mainly on OCC/PLC.

A year ago, my DS elected to go AROTC at a local college instead of NROTC at an SMC and was non-scholarship at the beginning of the Fall semester. An OSO (probably got his name from either USNA or NROTC/MO application) contacted him and tried to persuade him to do both AROTC AND PLC concurrently. Given his 20 unit academic load, and the fact he had already bonded with his AROTC battalion he elected to pass. He felt it would somewhat disloyal to do both. Three months later he earned the Campus based AROTC scholarship.

My point is that the OSO definitely has his own interests, so be aware of that when you meet him or her.