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Jun 15, 2006
Navy is playing Boston College in Charlotte at 1pm on Saturday, December 30. Boston College's coach, Tim O'Brien, graduated from USNA in 1971. They are ranked 23rd in both polls and will probably be at least a two touchdown favorite. They do not want to play Navy because they have absolutely nothing to gain and everything to lose. Down side for Navy, we lost a huge portion of our running attack Saturday. Also, BC has one of the better passing QBs in the ACC and our pass defense is horrible. With that said, I still think Navy will come in charged up and upset them.

Tickets are available through NAAA. When we sell all our quota, they will still be available from the Bowl itself. When those are gone, I'm sure BC will have some available because their fans will not travel to see their team upset by Navy. Of course, you would have to sit among BC fans and listen to them whine.

Go Navy
Beat Boston College
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Apparently Navy has survived the first round of this year's musical coaches game. Coach Johnson was the primary candidate for the vacancy at NCSU. Yesterday, out of nowhere, they hired Tom O'Brien, the BC coach. Initial rumor is that he will be unavailable for the Bowl game. Yeaaaaaaaaa.

Now we just have to survive the Alabama scare. However, I don't think he would feel that he is a good match there. And then there is the rumor that Stanford wants him.............................
Whistle Pig said:
Has UNC hired yet?

Now we gotta worry about BC, too. They oughta love USNA guys.

Carolina hired Butch Davis from Miami (don't know how the Miami search is going but I could never imagine PJ there)

After the crucifixion that O'Brien got at BC for playing "bland" football, I am not sure a bland triple option coach woud want to go there. Additionally, they probably don't want anything to do with anyone with ties to Navy also. The BC fans have really been out of line with TOB in my opinion. Johnson is smart enough to stay away.
Sorry, my head's in the sand. The UNC is really ancient history and not sure how I missed that. Davis seems like a real mismatch for the Heels, imo.

I note on the UNC alumni website Davis' comment wreaking of Chapel Hill arrogance ...

"No one will dictate to us ..."

Yea, right.

A truly great University, where so many have not discovered it's always better when OTHERS talk about how "great we are."

You're no doubt on the $, as usual, re: the BC scene. They liked their Flutie days.
The bottom line remains that all the NC schools are basketball schools and I cannot imagine why an established Div 1 coach would want to come here. Paul Johnson is a tarheel which, I imagine, was one of his primary reasons. I have attended the Duke-Navy game the past two years, both in Durham. The Navy side of the field is packed, and even for homecoming last year, the Duke side was barely a third full. Their stadium is horrible. No seatbacks. Portable concession stands and even portable toilets (on a permanent basis). For this year's game they were passing out 4 free game tickets to each veteran. While we were in line for our free tickets, several scalpers were working the line both buying and selling basketball tickets. Only on Tobacco Road could this happen. With that said, go Wake Forest.
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Indeed. Your point about being hoop schools is so true. That's why the Davis hiring seems so odd. Would be like Penn State hiring Coach K. Won't happen. Not enuff room, even @ a Nittany Lion U. And certainly not enough resource to go around @ a Duke. NCSU may be another story though.

And here's tip of the top hat to the Demon Deacs! Nice when David whoops up on Goliaths.

Enjoy WFU for it may not come again for another 50 seasons.
Whistle Pig said:
Enjoy WFU for it may not come again for another 50 seasons.
Cannot enjoy it too much. Navy-Wake Forest has been an annual game except for the past few years. When Navy football was at its worst, I would always travel down to WF to see a sure win. They are back on the schedule for the next 3 years at least. And I think we have Pitt back somewhere in the next few years. The present USNA Superintendent is insisting on quality opponents.
From a joint NAAA-Paul Johnson press release this morning:

"With all the internet and media rumors, I felt like it was important to
formally address my continued commitment to the Naval Academy," said
Johnson. "Despite media reports to the contrary, I never talked to
officials at any school and I want to reiterate that my family and I are
very happy at the Naval Academy and we are looking forward to continued
success here at Navy."