Mention NROTC Scholarship award in interviews or no?


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Apr 9, 2017
DS is very proud to have received a NROTC scholarship. Is this something to bring up in the congressional interviews or no? Is it viewed as an accomplishment, or something competing with USNA? At this point, he is truly interested in either ROTC or Academy. He has an overnight invite to the USNA early December, and will also spend a night with the NROTC detachment. And obviously doesnt have an appointment, so may be a moot point! At present, he is undecided between Academy vs NROTC. Opinions on whether discussing this aspect is hurtful to his congressional interviews (this Saturday).
My son is mentioning his and they are on his resume. He's a reapplicant and on an AFROTC Scholarship. He was also awarded an NROTC scholarship but did not accept it. He still has it listed on his resume under awards/honors.

Being selected for any ROTC scholarship is an honor. It shows selection committee that the candidate applied, interviewed and was selected over many other deserving candidates.
Many boards will ask him his Plan B. There is nothing wrong with mentioning the paths he is pursuing. They want to see commitment to being an officer.
What about if he is unsure which route he wants to take? He KNOWS he wants to serve, he is undecided at this point whether through ROTC or Academy (should he receive a nom). Would it be advisable to be very pro-academy only in interviews, or discuss potentially picking ROTC, should he decide that is right for him? It kind of seems a catch-22: discussing potential ROTC route to serving may prohibit a nom, even if that is ultimately what he decides. And perhaps this all doesn't even matter, perhaps he HAS decided haha. Have not had time to have any heart to heart about this for a while, nor has he asked my opinion!
I am guiding my son to answer the questions honestly. He has received 4-year Air Force and Army ROTC Scholarships thus far. If asked about Plan B/C, I will advise him to answer how he plans to use those scholarships.

I believe I've read most Service Academy candidates have ROTC scholarship applications in as back-up plans. So, this fact should not surprise MOCs or MOC selection committees IMO.