Middle East Oil Fuels Fresh China-U.S. Tensions

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    In today's WSJ. I could hardly hold down my breakfast after reading this article. The President and Congress d!(king around as they are. Handwringing over military cuts, asking how we drop a billion in aid to Egypt. All the while we have the Navy's 5th fleet protecting shipments of oil from countries who hate us to countries which resent us.

    The subtitle of the article is: Beijing Depends on U.S. Military to Secure Middle East Imports

    My favorite quote comes from a former Chinese Energy official. When asked whether China could assume a greater role in protecting shipping lanes, he responded: "Why don't the Americans do the job for now."


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    Thanks for the summary. I saw the headline but didn't read the article as I cancelled my subscription last year. I just thought they had gotten too damned expensive.

    This is certainly disconcerting on the surface. However, i have no problem with China's oil imports being under our "protection". It at least gives us some degree of leverage, however small. I also wouldn't be too crazy about having the Chinese Navy involved in that region of the world as it would at least make things more "fluid" if nothing else. And no, the pun was not intended.

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