Miitary doctor vs private doctor

Discussion in 'DoDMERB' started by bdewy, May 26, 2009.

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    My son has been asked to get some more medical remedials and was given three options. The first is to use concorde to find the nearest medical dr and set up an appt, the second is to go to a military installation by yourself, and the third is to use a doctor of your choice. We began searching thru the concorde website and were given the name of a doctor that is over an hours drive away...so we opted to call a local doctor who was able to see my son two days later. My concern is .....since we began the search thru the military/concorde route and were referred to a doctor (we didn't go so far as to schedule an appt with this dr who was an hour away) ....so is the referral information now in the system and will DODMERB be wondering/ waiting for the report from that dr? We didn't realize that submitting a querry to find a military doctor might be binding. We dont want to do anything to upset the people at DODMERB.
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    No problem. Just call Concorde and cancel the referral:thumb:

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