Mikulski urges more action against sexual assaults in the military


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May 5, 2007
Letter to defense chief prompted by report of attacks on 500 servicewomen since 2002


Sen. Barbara A. Mikulski is pressing Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates for details on what, if anything, the Pentagon is doing to reduce the number of sexual assaults against female members of the military.

In a letter released by her office yesterday, the Maryland Democrat asked Gates how he planned to create "an environment of zero tolerance for sexual misconduct of any kind." The senator said she wanted to know what steps the Pentagon is taking to address "the unique stress and mental health needs" of women in uniform - "especially those who have suffered sexual assault."...

Maybe they should appoint VADM Rodney Rempt (Ret.) to head one of those Blue Ribbon Commissions on the subject. :biggrin: