Military Academy Acceptance While in DEP


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Jan 8, 2019
I was wondering if someone in the DEP enlisted program can be accepted into a US military academy? I have completed applications to the USNA, USAFA, and West Point for the current application year. I have also received nominations to all of these academies as well. I have high hopes and desires to join any of these military academies, and serve as an officer.

However, I am also interested in enlisting in the Navy as well. I believe this will be a good option just in case I don't receive any acceptance letters to the academies. My big question is, if I am in the Navy DEP program, can my enlisted contract be nullified if I am accepted and choose attendance to ANY of the military academies (Ex: can my Navy enlisted contract be nullified if I choose to attend West Point)? Also, if there are any details I should be aware of, please feel free to share! I am also aware someone made a similar post. However, that person was specifically talking about the Army's DEP to West Point pipeline.

I am new to being a member on this website. If this discussion would better belong in another discussion folder, kindly let me know.
A DEP discharge is officially known as an "Entry Level Separation" (ELS). An ELS is not characterized - because as far as anyone is concerned - you were never in the military.
DEP Discharges do not result in an Reenlistment Eligibility (RE) Code that will prevent joining the same (or another) military service in the future. If you received and accepted an Offer of Appointment to a service academy, you would simply not report for duty on your scheduled ship date, resulting in a ELS. What service branch are you connected with, through the DEP?

USNA, USMA, and USAFA have VASTLY different missions. I will assume that you prefer Navy, because you go on to say that you are interested in "enlisting in the Navy" if you don't receive an Offer of Appointment to any one of the three service academies to which you've applied.

I think you need to do more research. Enlisting doesn't get you a bachelor's degree, and not having one won't fulfill your desires to "serve as an officer". Enlisted-to-officer is possible, but it's a long road with many obstacles.
Figure out which branch embraces the mission that you could best see yourself excelling in, and put all your effort into that branch. There are many ways to become an officer, but one thing you'll need is a bachelor's degree.
OP, what are your goals? What most people's motivation would be to serve in the Navy/Marine Corps/Army/Air Force as an officer, though some simply want to serve in the military. In the case of the former, enlistment is not the best option. You should instead attend a school with ROTC or do OCS after college, possibly reapplying to a SA throughout your years. In the case of the later, enlistment might be the best option because being enlisted would be a 99.99% guarantee that you are in the military no matter what, and there is a slight higher chance that you get into the academy, with the enlisted to NAPS pipeline and the ability to obtain service-connected noms. Either way you will be serving your country and that is farther than most will go for their country. Good luck for c/o 2023!