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    If anyone has been through the process of applying for a nomination in their military parent's resident state that is different from their current state of residence, can you provide insight on the process.

    Thank you
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    582 may have changed since I first did this in 1977...

    My family is from Florida...I was born there. My father was a career AF officer so we moved a lot. When I applied to the SA's I lived in Colorado but claimed Florida as my home state so I applied to my congressman there (home of record) as well as the two senators. It was not a big deal; especially since a military member may keep their home of record as their state of residency. I was a Florida resident until I left active duty and transitioned to the reserve.

    FYI, I was appointed to USAFA by my congressman in Florida's 10th congressional district (since been redistricted).

    USAFA '83
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    The simplest way to know which state you should be applying to is not where they own a home, but where they pay taxes and vote in. It is called their Home of Record (HOR)

    If the HOR is in a different state many MOCs will either do a telephone interview or Skype.

    For some states there is a loophole. Just because one parent is AD, it doesn't mean that the spouse and children are residents of that state too!

    Our DS was considered a NC resident because we also paid personal property tax and required me to get an NC drivers license. If a car is registered to a military dependent in NC it is taxable. If it is registered to a military member only it is not taxable.

    That changed everything for our DS. He was eligible to request a nomination from AK, his Dads HOR OR NC where I was considered a resident due to their requirements. However,see my first point....taxes.

    If I declared him on my NC tax return, he could not apply for AK.

    We spent hours contacting the MOC staffers in AK and NC and all of them said the same thing. It didn't matter where his drivers license was from, but the state taxes for him as a dependent.

    It gets muddy if the folks both work and are like us, pay state taxes for one parent while the other is exempt and you have a DL in that state.

    Do what we did, contact all of the 3 MOCs in each state and ask them directly, you are not going to be the first that has asked the question, and they know the regulations for dependents of military members.

    Good luck! JMPO, but on a whole I think you will be classified as a resident of where they vote not where they own a home.
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    My son received multiple nominations from different members of West Virginia's MOC when he applied in 2013. He was born in VA. At that time he applied, we were living in Guantanamo Bay so he really had no other option but to seek nominations from them as he was not a legal resident of any other state.

    My second son, a junior, also intends to seek a nomination. We are back in VA, where he was also born, but that does not give him independent residency status. Thus, he will be seeking a nomination from my Senators and Congressman.

    He is fortunate to be able to use them as the competition from Virginia's delegation will be much tougher since Virginia has a bigger population than WV, which means more qualified applications.

    I do not pay taxes in WV as the law is active duty military personnel stationed outside the state are not required to do so. I have maintained my HOR there, have my license from there and vote there.

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