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    I am one of the Class of 2017 Representatives for the Minnesota USAFA Parents' Club. We have a couple of important events coming up and are trying to reach all of the 2019 Appointees from Minnesota. Due to privacy restrictions, we are having difficulty reaching all of the 2019 Minnesota Appointees.

    I am in charge of the New Appointee Orientation on May 16th at the Eagan Community Center. This session is so important for both the appointees and parents to attend as we provide lots of valuable information. In addition, we have a panel of current cadets who are home on their 96 hour pass that answer questions for the new appointees. Please contact me at jjoslynfoss @ mac. com (delete spaces) for additional information.

    In addition, we also have our annual Spring Banquet this Saturday, April 25th. We honor our new Appointees and their Parents at this event. Please contact me if you have not received an invitation to this event.

    Congratulations to all! I remember how our family was feeling two years ago and it's such an exciting time. We wish all of the applicants and appointees the very best.

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