Minor illness??


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Feb 7, 2017
What is considered a minor illness?

My daughter had a few ear infections, and a sinus infection that were treated with antibiotics and resolved without any complications. They happened when she was under 8. I would consider them minor illnesses.

She hasn't really been sick since then except for the flu last year. She also has mild seasonal allergies to pollen, but she just takes Claritin.
Those with much more knowledge than me may chime in here, but if it was before the age of 13 it makes no difference.
Things like ear, nose, and throat infections are something all kids get and are not terribly worthy of note, unless they were chronic and had to be corrected with some sort of surgery.

Mild seasonal allergies may trigger a DoDMERB allergy questionnaire during review, but all she has to do is fill that out and send it back to them.
Agree with THParent. Colds and flus not considered significant enough unless chronic or serious in nature.

General rule, answer the question truthfully and completely. No more and no less. Do not self-diagnose, or take guesses. Use the actual medical records as your guideline.
Before 13 makes no difference in completing the medical history. The question is do you have or have you ever had. Before 13 will factor in when DoDMERB determine if you are medically qualified.

A minor illness is one that is not major. LOL. But seriously Minor bumps, bruises and sickness that doesn't require hospitalization or extended medical care I would consider minor. Sprains and strains are minor. Breaks and tares would be major. Ear infections treated with antibiotics would be minor, ear infections requiring tubes would be major. A sinus infection is would be minor unless it was sinusitis and there is a separate question that addresses that.

Mild seasonal allergies are a fine line. If there is a documented diagnosis by a medical professional it must be reported. If it is self diagnosed and self treated, I would probably not report it.

Just my opinion.
In my experience, never give anything away that you aren’t expressly asked for. From your descriptions, your daughter is no different than any other Mid I’ve encountered. She seems perfectly healthy, with nothing remarkable to note on your DODMERB application