MOC Nominations


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Dec 14, 2008
While I was looking at my MOC's website today I peeked at last year's nominations. He had nominated three or four candidates for both the USMA and USAFA, as well as two for the USMMA. However, I was surprised to see that not one USNA nomination was given out. I am a junior in high school who is applying to all of the summer seminar programs. The USAFA and USNA are my top two choices. I am from Illinois which is definitely not close to any major ocean. Would it be wise for me to pursue a USNA nomination over a USAFA one? I also just looked at my neighboring congressman's website. He too did not nominate a USNA candidate. Any suggestions?
I'd only suggest that you choose an Academy based on which is the right fit for you...not on noms from MOC's. You need to be sure you choose the right school or you won't last at all.

Being close to the ocean has nothing to do with whether USNA is right for you, by the way!

Good luck with your decision!
It doesn't don't worry. But of course I do want to make sure I will get a nomination. Should I split my nominations between my MOC,Senators,VP,and Presidential or should I try and get multiple from them? I am visiting Annapolis in February and can't wait to see the campus. Hopefully, if I can get into the summer seminars I will be able to compare them first hand. And the ocean thing was my only reasoning for so few applicants.:biggrin:
You don't need to decide yet. The applications for nominations are not typically due until well into the fall - sometime between Sept and November.

I have seen a lot of folks on these forums advising Juniors to get their nomination applications "done early" - however getting them "too early".
Usually a US Rep or Senator will ask candidates to "rank" or pick one academy to which they are applying.
If your Congressman asks you to rank your choices then you may compete for a nomination to more than one academy.

Take your time, while you have it. Visit and do your homework. Don't try and hedge your bets though. Eventually you will have to pick. This year I have seen more than one candidate get a nomination to an academy he does not wish to attend and an LOA and no nomination to an academy he wishes to attend.

If you have specific questions about your Congressman's nomination policies then it would be appropriate for you to call his office and ask. Usually a local (not Washington) office handles the nominations and most Congressman have a "Nomination Manager" who handles the process.
Thanks for the suggestions. I was looking at my Congressman's website today and they actually host a Service Academy information night or something of that sort. That is definitely something I will have to do!