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    Just a friendly reminder that the purpose of the USNA board is to provide information about USNA and the admissions process for candidates and their families, friends, etc. As the mod of this forum, it's my "job" to enforce that approach. We have a great group of BGOs, alumni, parents, parents of alums, and even the occasional current mid -- all excited to share their knowledge and opinions about everything USNA.

    While sometimes a bit off-topic, I do tend to allow the posting of articles that are relevant to USNA and generally will permit a reasonable amount of debate concerning those articles or the actions they describe. However, at some point, that debate becomes repetitive, pointless or, worse, degenerates into name-calling and personal attacks. That is not permitted.

    In the same vein, given that we are starting a new "season" of applications, there are bound to be questions that have been asked and answered in past years. To those new to this forum and this board, I recommend reading the stickies (some of which, in fairness, I created) and searching for threads on your topic of interest. In many cases, you'll find the answer you seek.

    For those of us "regulars," please be patient with the new posters. Not everyone has the time or inclination to run searches and/or they want to ensure they have the most current information -- from THIS year. If you feel their question is "dumb" or "repetitive," just don't answer it . . . someone else will. If you do choose to answer, please do so in a civil manner.

    Posts and/or threads that don't conform to the above will be edited, moved, or deleted. If you have a problem with a post or a poster, please notify me or one of the SuperMods rather than get into a heated public exchange.

    Finally, I do the best to keep tabs on this board, but I also have a day job that pays me, which this "job" doesn't.:smile: And I go on vacation every now and again. So, if you contact me about something and I don't respond right away, do reach out to a SuperMod, who can assist you.

    Thanks to all of you for helping make this a great source of information for all!

    Your friendly Mod
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