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    So Mom and Dad (and girl/boy friend, sibling, neighbor, grandma/pa, etc), Johnny or Susie is off to BCT! Dry your eyes, get WEBGUY (it's worth the money), and get busy getting reacquainted with the USPS.

    Suggestions: When you send your Basic a letter, include one s/he can mail back to you, which will keep you informed and not take up too much time for a kid that has very little of that.

    So, how do I do this? I will give you the suggestion I made use of years ago, which still is great today. Send a form-quiz letter. This way, your child/friend/etc can write back, easy peasy, and have some fun doing so. My sons kept theirs, and (BIG HINT) I kept my own copies, all these years later.

    Here we go:

    Dear ___________,

    Please take a look at the questions below and answer them as well as you can. Mom enclosed a self-addressed stamped envelope in case you forgot where you lived for twelve years.

    1. My roommate(s) is/are: ____________________________, from _________________.
    S/He is:
    a. Really great! We're best friends already!
    b. OK, for a non-Steeler fan
    c. Not Human
    d. Absent

    2. The food here is:
    b. OK, but not like home. <3
    c. You call this food? I wouldn't feed it to _____________ (worst enemy,non-Steeler fan,dog)
    d. I gave up eating.

    3. My cadre is:
    a. Really terrific and all those rumors about "special attention" were just plain wrong!
    b. OK, for a person not interested in my vast knowledge of Steeler football.
    c. What a jerk! I can't believe s/he is an upperclassman!
    d. Not human.

    4. What surprises me most about BCT? __________________________________

    5. Who misses you most?
    a. Mom
    b. Dad
    c. Sibling, girlfriend, etc.
    d. Dog
    e. All of the above!

    You get the idea! Make up your own to suit your Basic. Mine came back with all sorts of penciled notions in the margins. My sons loved them and I thank Mrs Spurlock for giving me the idea. I do suggest your letter for return not be more than two pages long, with one page (ok for small font) preferred. Send the stamped envelope; your kid will appreciate it.

    Get busy everyone! You want your Basic to have mail at the very first mailcall!

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