More Proud Than Ever

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by gstudent99, Oct 7, 2011.

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    In light of the confused "students" occupying wall street and various city parks throughout the U.S.A. the pride I have in my AROTC son is refreshed.

    I don't understand how those student protesters have the time to spend days on end doing nothing except polluting our cities, harrassing hard working Americans, and confronting law enforcement officials.

    Our ROTC and SA students have full course loads, early PT, ROTC class and lab, and field exercises at a minimum. No time for laziness.

    They are committed to serve our Country in contrast to those demanding something for nothing.
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    Not just students

    It's not just students participating in the protests. There seems to be a fairly diverse spectrum of people involved, including military veterans. Here's an article from today's NY Times:

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    More Proud than Ever


    HMQ is partly right. But I think you have point, here. Too many young people in this country have a sense of entitlement. They should just be given anything they want. I have a DS who will be graduating from a major university in May. He calls his Mother on the phone that he attended the school's job fair and gave out 10 resumes in 20 minutes and one of them was given to NSA. He was very excited and they he was what they were looking for. Some of the young people of today don't understand there are due to be paid. Those student who attend the SA's and do ROTC is what is consider the best of the brightest in the country. Also, they want to defend freedom, which is a noble cause. Yes, be proud of your son, and tell him thank you from me for his service to our great country the United States of America.

    God Bless,


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