More service Obligation questions/ Reserves


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Feb 20, 2016
Let me start by saying I know this issue has been beaten like a dead horse. But I have a few questions that a google search just couldn't bring up...DD is a freshman on 4 year AROTC.

Is it true that they can sign for a direct commission into Reserves instead of waiting for an AD spot? if so, when is it that they make this request? is it when they sign their contract? when is that?

now my Reserves questions...
1. I understand there is a 8 year commitment for scholarship winners. Is that all 8 years serving as a weekend warrior? or is any part of that in IRR? I had a friend who was in Reserves (not officer) and she said 6 years and 2 years IRR. I was curious if it was like the AD obligation, which says 8 years (when actually its 4 years AD And 4 years IRR)

2. in reserves if you are called up for AD does any of that time count off your time in reserves, or is it still 8years start to finsh?

3. question regarding completing the ROTC program. If a cadet where to decide to drop the program as a sophomore or junior, and the military decides on repayment option, does that include the freshman year as well? (I understand a cadet can drop out before sophomore year and not be obligated for the freshman year tuition)

thanks in advance, this freshman year has been a lot of learning and DD is getting mixed messages from so many people. She actually had a Colonel tell her she might consider getting out since we are for sure going to war and its not a great time to be in military, And she has seen fellow senior cadets get switched to AD this past weekend (announced at a Military Ball) when they got Reserve commissions only a few months ago.

thanks for your advice
During sophomore year she can convert her scholarship to a GRFD scholarship, but that would mean she would have to join the Reserves/Guard then and become an SMP cadet. The better option if she doesn't want to be in the reserves until she commission is to select Reserves/Guard on her accessions paperwork at the end of Junior Year. No matter where she falls on the OML, she will go into the reserves if she picks it.

1. All 8yrs would be as a drilling reservist. It is only 6+2 for non-scholarship cadets.

2. No it does not. It's still 8 years. However, every six months of deployed/mobilized time allows you to collect your pension 6 months earlier than age 60. If she has served for 20 yrs in the Reserves.

3. Yes, once the cadet starts sophomore year, the Freshman year will have to be paid back as well.

As far as war goes, no one knows when they next one will be. Only that we are one day closer. Those cadets that got switched to AD wanted to go active duty. Someone who asked for reserves will not be forced onto active duty. However, while in the reserves they could get mobilized.