More weapons, convoy training for IAs


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May 5, 2007

Sailors bound for individual augmentee deployments will soon get more time to learn ground combat skills before going overseas.

That means the current two-week familiarization course in ground combat and survival will increase to nearly three weeks, to allow for more time on the weapons range and more time to absorb important skills.

Navy Capt. Rick Jones, officer in charge of Navy IA combat training at Fort Jackson, S.C., said the longer training period due to begin by October came out of feedback from sailors who returned from IA tours with ground units in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere....


The two-week ground combat familiarization course that Navy individual augmentees receive will increase to nearly three weeks starting in October. Although these sailors may not experience combat, they learn skills like operating checkpoints, house clearing, convoy operations, detaining prisoners and battlefield emergency medicine.