Most recommended for NROTC?

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    For example, I've heard from various sources that North Georgia has one of the best Army ROTC program among the senior military colleges. Which senior military college is recommended for NROTC?

    I have 3.97 GPA
    Top 7% of Class
    SAT: Math 790/ Reading 580
    Key Club Secretary, NHS member, Mu Alpha Theta.. and many other ECs..
    I'll be able to get in to the senior military colleges with these stats, correct?..

    Thank you in advance for your replies and answers.
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    May 25, 2012
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    Awesome math SAT.
    Well I am a Marine Contract at El Cid and you will PROBABLY get in with those scores:)
    Anyways all of our ROTC programs are excellent- but they take up tons of time compared to other colleges (or so I have heard).
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    you will have no problem getting accepted and you will be in good shape for an ROTC scholarship as well. The Citadel commissions more Marine Officers than any school except USNA and ranks in the top 3 in Navy commissions; also gets many SWO and flight school slots which are very competitive. Keep that in mind when you are deciding.
    As for Army, The Citadel has routinely won the McArthur Award as top detachment in the Southeast Region and commissions the most Officers of any ROTC program - 88 last year, 104 projected for this year.

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