Motion Sickness


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Sep 21, 2007
Hey there, I know that it is a big deal if you get motion sickness for the navy and coast guard. However, I had never been such since I was 6 or 7 years old. This is probably because I was always reading while traveling in the car. I did place it on the Dodmerb(honest as I am) and it says on-line that there is a remedial letter because of it. Will this disqualify me? Also, what should I expect as a response/letter/ what should I be prepared to do? someone please tell me before I worry too much on this one.
Thank you so much, I woulnd not have noticed that on the dodmerb website. I was a little worried that I came so far for nothing.... anyhow, after some research, I think it is not something for me to worry about.
Thanks, you were right, i'm qualified, i think, as it says it here!

Date Event Code(s)
18-SEP-07 Date applicant entered into DoDMERB system
18-SEP-07 Application Added
28-SEP-07 Actual date of exam
19-OCT-07 Date exam received at DoDMERB
19-OCT-07 Medical data entry
22-OCT-07 Date letter sent - Remedial R252.00
22-OCT-07 Date exam reviewed
30-OCT-07 Date letter sent - DD2368: Status Letter
30-OCT-07 Date letter sent - DD2368: Status Letter R252.00
30-OCT-07 Date exam reviewed

Agency: US Coast Guard Academy
Admission Status: In Process
Admission Status Change Date: 18-SEP-2007
Current Medical Status: Qualified (as of 30-OCT-07 )