MSI 4-Year AROTC Scholarship winner, ask away

Anthony B.

Proud 4-year AROTC Scholarship recipient
Apr 12, 2015
MSI 4-Year AROTC Scholarship winner. Currently attending a civilian college and cross enrolled. Ask any questions you may have, I will do my best to answer them the best I can.
I'm a four year scholarship winner who will be attending University of Tampa this fall unless I get into West Point(which seems unlikely at this point). What is it like the first few weeks? What are you issued when you are contracted? Also, what things would help me prepare? Thanks!!
Running a lot would definitely help, I know even though I ran a good amount before going to school, I still felt like I could have been in better running shape. The first few weeks are pretty hectic getting to know everyone and figure out class schedule along with going to PT and whatnot. I was issued everything that the upperclassmen had almost right away when I got to school, even before I was contracted. I would just prepare yourself by making sure you are mentally ready for the early mornings for PT, and that you are physically ready for the actual PT itself. You'll figure everything else out with time.