Must I be medically qualified early?

Discussion in 'Naval Academy - USNA' started by HiMyNameisNick, Aug 17, 2010.

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    For my application to be 'complete' I know I need all the required forms listed in that one section of the CIS.

    But do I need to be completely medically qualified as well? for example, I am in the process of completeing 2 DODMERB remedials. And the office from my physical therapy is taking forever and charging us alot of money for copies of stuff.

    So do I need to be completely done with dodmerb qualifications before my application is considered 'complete' ?
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    I'm in no way an expert on this, but from following this forum for many months while my son when through this process, I'll offer my thoughts.

    Your application is "complete" when you get all of the required info done...BGO interview, CFA, essays, recommendations from Math & English teacher, etc. Many candidates may have a complete application, but are not medically, physically, or scholastically qualified, which are all required for appointment.

    For DS, he had to complete some remedial info for DoDMerb, but it came through at the end of August. He did not receive his letter stating that he was scholastically qualified until February, although he had completed his application by September 1. His 3 nominations came in December. He got a TWE in April, but I know that others who were waiting on medical waivers did get appointments.

    So, if you are asking if having all of your things done first will give you the edge, I'd say yes and no. Obviously, you don't want to wait until the new year to begin this process, but waiting a few weeks on a medical qualification should not negatively impact your chances.

    Breathe. You have a LONG wait ahead of you and this waiting on medical qualification is just the beginning. It sounds like you are on the right track!

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    EMAIL- NOT pm
    Mr. Larry Mullen

    look on the dodmerb forum for his contact
    for any ques concerning the dodmerb physical
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    Yes and no. You don't need to be medically qualified for the Admissions Board to review your file. However, you must be medically qualified for them to offer you an appointment. If they think you are a highly competitive candidate, they may hold off on a final decision until your medical issue is resolved one way or another.

    Basically, USNA must be certain that you will be medically qualified on I-Day. For further details, please contact Larry Mullen.

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