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    Currently a Sophomore going to be A Junior

    GPA : 3.7 as of the beginning of the year.

    Class Rank 40 out of 844
    Should be higher because I will be taking All Honor Classes Pre - AP, or AP & Dual Enrollment

    Extra activities: Jrotc Drill Team ( position: Commander)

    Speech and Debate ( competed in the Public form Debate and Poetry category hopefully I will participate in more categories next year)

    Track and Field at a Club

    Sophomore Class President & Next
    Years Class President (Junior)

    Future Extra activities:
    Track and Field at School
    National Honor Society
    National Kitty Hawk Society
    JROTC Special Teams Commander ( Authority over all competing Teams, Received position, but I don't receive command till 2016-2017 school year. I will also have to compete in 4 JROTC teams if necessary.)

    JROTC web Coordinator ( Public Affairs)

    Achievement and Events 9 - 10 :
    1st Place Oak Ridge Drill Meet Exhibition

    Jrotc Community Events ( Community Service)

    Helped organize 9th Grade Center for the 2015-2016 school year in the summer

    Cadet of the quarter - 9th Grade

    Cadet of the Year - 9th Grade

    Mustang of the Year - 10th Grade

    Mustang of the Year 9th Grade

    Air Commando Association JROTC National Award - 9th Grade

    Sons of Confederate Veterans Junior ROTC H. L. Hunley Award National Award - 10th Grade

    Element Leader at University Of Houston Jrotc Camp. - 9th Grade

    Completed a course to receive school credit - 8th transferring to 9th

    Made Finals various times for Speech and Debate

    Created JROTC website

    Became the 2015-2016 JROTC Drill Team Commander

    Became the First Person to command during the JROTC Summer Drill Team Practice
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    What do YOU think your chances are? Top 5% of your class, some ECs with awards, unclear if your sports are club teams or school teams, etc.

    In general, keep up your good work in school, taking the most difficult classes you can and doing well in them. Get leadership experience. Get some good sports experience. Keep your nose out of trouble.

    Let us know what your SAT/ACT scores are.

    Seriously (and this isn't just for you but for all prospectives), we can't "chance" you, as you'll soon discover if you read the 100s of other posts just on this subject. Best recommendation: look through the older posts and compare your stats to those who got in. You'll have at least a vague idea of where you stack up. For instance, you neglected to let us know your location, gender, race, other possible diversity (if you read closely, you'll not "diversity" at USAFA isn't quite the same as "diversity" at your local company or state U).

    Good luck! Now, go read the stickies and all the other posts about "chance me".
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    Thanks a lot I'm new to the forums and I didn't know how to use it as well as others, so I didn't know there was a way to view older forums. However, I appreciate your input and will look at older forums, and to answer your question I'm currently in a club Track and Field which takes up my entire summer. However, I'm planning to do both School and Summer Track. Thank you once again :)
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    This is good advice. Your stats are very good. Look at the median scores for the SAs. Make sure to understand the fitness requirements and read about preparing for the test. Your goal should be to exceed the median scores everywhere you can. Reach out to the ALO for your area and introduce yourself. Reach out to your MOCs and introduce yourself and mark down their dates for applying for nominations. The more you build those relationships the better chance you have to stand out. Rent A Year in Blue on YouTube which chronicles a year at USAFA from 2014. It is a great documentary on academy life.

    Finally, there are a lot of factors that play into a nomination. How many candidates apply in your area and how you compare to them is one of them. I strongly recommend applying for Summer Seminar this year. If you get in then you can experience a week at the academy and see if the life is for you. Best of luck.

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