My chance on getting into USNA


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Mar 23, 2020

So one of the major factors I know the USNA will be looking for my is my SAT score/ ACT score...but because
of the coronavirus I am unable to take it....but I my GPA is 3.71, (which i am not sure if that's great either)
Anyways I am in different sports, volunteered at multiple events and things, and also been in different leader positions.
Many people have also said I would be a perfect candidate on going into the USNA....but I would like to know
if in reality if I would be a good candidate on getting in. I would love to, been my dream for awhile, but not sure
if it is a reasonale reality.

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Jan 5, 2012
There is only one certainty in the USNA Admissions game -- 100% of those that don't apply don't get in. None of us can tell you if you will be successful, and you really don't provide enough information to even venture a guess. However, use this time to learn as much about USNA and the Admissions process as you can, and submit the best application that you can. Make sure you read the USNA Admissions website closely, all drop downs, links, etc. There is a lot of good information there. Best of luck....


Feb 3, 2020
Dear amcguire,
What grade are you in? Because you are talking about needing to take the SAT/ACT I am assuming that you are a junior. If you haven't applied to the summer seminar program you should (i believe applications are due by April 15). You can also apply to boys/girls state (obviously dependant on your gender). WIth your sports, you should work as hard as you can to get onto varsity or to become a team captain. With volunteering you should pick an organization or volunteer club and dedicate lots of time to it to show that you are passionate, this helps because it shows that you can commit to something like a certain program. Your GPA is decent but you should definitely focus on improving it and getting it as high as possible along with taking challenging courses. I am sure that not being able to take your ACT/SAT at the moment will not affect anything because the whole world is in the same situation as you. With the information you gave me, this is all I have to say about beefing up your resume. On the note of your "chance of acceptance," I believe that you have the potential to stand a chance but you should definitely invest as much time as you can into sports, school, and EC's. I hope this helps, feel free to ask any more questions on this thread and I will try to respond.