My Chances and NROTC Marine Option Question(VMI)

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    Hi everyone I am new to this forum and am trying to find out some information on whether I have a good shot of getting into VMI and also a couple of questions on the NROTC Marine Option program.

    First off I know that its not at all set in stone if people on the forum say i will get in that I actually will get in. But I come from a school that doesn't send many kids to VMI (1 in the past 4 years) and I can't get/don't get a straight answer when I ask my guidance counselor what my chances are of getting in. So anyway here are my creds:

    3 year GPA 3.33
    Act Comp 24 Math 25 English 25 Science 23 Reading 24
    Social Studies Club 11, 12;
    Intramural Officials 11, 12;
    Sacristan 9, 10, 11, 12;
    C.S. Lewis Society 12;
    Senior Leaders 12;
    National Honor Society 12
    Certified in Adult and Pediatric First Aid AED, CPR
    Freshman Lacrosse (manager) 9;
    Junior Varsity Ice Hockey 9, 10;
    Junior Varsity Wrestling 11;
    Varsity Ice Hockey (varsity lettered) 12
    Volunteer at The Sacred Heart School Summer Camp as the Secretary for the head of the camp (opened doors, received phone calls and coordinated with camp counselors);
    summer of 9, 10, 11, and 12 (480 hours completed);
    Volunteer with the Wounded Warrior Project 12 (Soldier Ride);
    Volunteer at St. Martin de Porres middle school 12 (30 hours completed);

    My questions on the Marine Option Program are:
    1. Does the unit have so called "Recon Platoon" from speaking with an alumni from The Citadel he said they have a platoon that is called Recon and they do different things then the other guys in the NROTC unit.
    2. How often does the unit go out and do field training?
    3. How does a college programer seek a commission would I contact my OSO after my first year and try to get a spot at PLC?
    4. Is a college programer allowed to go to the summer training that the scholarship guys go to (i.e. mountainous warfare training)?
    5. Can a college programer enroll in some of the classes that the scholarship guys have to take?

    Any Information Would be greatly appreciated!
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    Academics are a little low, but thats if I was evaluating you as a regular NROCT candidate. The Marine option doesn't look at acidemics as much, but you have to be in great shape. Have you taken the fitness test? If not what's your approx mile time, push ups, pull ups, and sit ups? It would also help if you were a minority
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    1. I am asking would I be able to get into the school not get the scholarship.
    I don't know why you spoke about the draw backs because its not a service academy so how does the draw backs affect the college?
    2. I completed a PFT for the service academies push ups: 70 pull ups:14 sit ups :85 bb throw I cant remember the distance run: 6:40
    3. I am hispanic
    4. My school is 1 of the best on long island. (Not being cocky its just well known good school)

    Guys Thank you for the replies but the main point was to ask about getting into VMI and then specific questions on the NROTC unit. Neither of you guys answered those questions I know that it will be tough to get the scholarship but i just want to know about getting into the school because if i get into the school there are a whole bunch of options on commissioning...

    Adding another question does academics play a big role if i just want to be a college programer at VMI
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    I think that tpg was telling you the truth - nobody is going to give you better advice than the guidance office at VMI. But if you really want the odds of getting in- my guess is you have about a 50/50 shot based on what I can see of your record. Your GPA is slightly under the average which was 3.5 for the class- but that was an average so you are certainly in the ball park-same with your ACT scores.
    As far as the opportunities for commissioning as a Marine without a scholarship- you will have plenty and plenty do every year. I don't have any experience with the Marine program but several other parents on board here do.

    Additionally there are several Alums in your area that would be willing to talk with you about VMI- you can find their names on this page:
    Also- though I suspect this is going to Change- VMI will be repped at a student fair at Freeport HS on 11/1 (assuming there still is a Freeport on Thursday!)

    Bottom line- if you want to know more about VMI- I would do several things in addition to scouring the VMI web site for all the information it has to offer:

    A. begin the application process. There are no automatic rejections nor are there automatic aceptances- both take applying. Your scores are good enough that you stand a reasonable chance of getting in.
    B. contact the admissions office about a prospective Cadet weekend- There is only one remaining before Christmas (there is one this weekend as well but kind of suspect it is full and probably deferred or cancelled due to weather) and they fill up fast so contact them quickly is important. That is the best selling tool and also a very honest look at what you would be getting into. Contact the Marine/Navy ROTC department at VMI and talk with the recruiting officer there about the program and commissioning opportunities as a non- scholarship cadet.
    C. contact an alum if possible for an interview.
    D. keep posting on here with questions. We can't tell you much about your "odds", but there are folks on here who can tell you a lot about daily life, academics and specific military programs and experiences at VMI.

    It's a great school, but definitely a challenging one from all aspects-Academic, physical and mental and military. Good luck
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    70 Pull Ups??

    I'm assuming you meant Push Ups
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    It is 70 push-ups and 14 pullups. 70 pullups would be very impressive.

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