My chances for VMI/The Citadel as a transfer?

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    I'm a college freshman who is planning on transferring from my current institution to VMI or The Citadel for next year.

    I'm just curious if someone could give me an estimate of my chances at these two good schools? My grades and test scores in high school weren't good but I still would like to hear.

    Thank you,

    High school record



    College Record
    GPA-3.1/3.2(first semester)

    Extracurricular's from 11th grade onward

    Cambridge College Programme(Cambridge University United Kingdom)

    Internship with one of the 2008 Presidential Campaigns

    Homecoming Court 2007

    24 hours of separate political volunteer activities

    35+ hours of volunteer work with one of my state's Governor's campaign's

    24 hours of community service

    Alpha Phi Omega(National Co-ed Community Service Society)

    Phi Alpha Theta(Historical Honor's Society)

    Sigma Tau Delta(English Honor's Society)

    Table Francise(French Foreign Language Group)

    Leadership Lounge

    I also held a job for a year as a bagger at a local grocery chain
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    While your HS grades are not the strongest ones out there but your college GPA looks competitive as a transfer -( I believe that the profile of the Rat mass of 2013 shows the avg transfer GPA was 3.03.) Assuming that you are going to maintain that GPA thru the end of the semester- I would think that your application would at least get a serious look.
    This is one of those times when truthfully - you will only get the straight answer from the Admissions office. As the old saying goes- "nothing ventured - nothing gained".

    I've attached a link to the profile of the class of 2013 just FYI:

    Good luck

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