My chances of Army ROTC Scholarship?

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    Alrighty, here are the details-

    *I am a girl
    *5'8 and weight between 120-125
    *ACT Score composite 25
    *GPA 3.8
    *Member of Cross Country, Track a Field, Winter Running Club, Leaders in the Kitchen (cooking club), National Honors Society, volunteer group at my school, Powder Puff Football, Girl Scouts
    *Also I have had the privelegde to take classes which are based on the advisors selection: Yearbook, Communications, Peer Helping
    *Leadership: Leadership Council for Cross Country, Leader for my volunteer group
    *Work: I have worked at a retail store for six months before working at a clothing store (I have had this second job since Oct.)
    *for the PT Test
    pushups; 27
    situps: 26
    mile run: 7:35
    *Interview: I maxed out in two of the three categories (Scholar and Leadership) We talked for like 45 minutes- I am not sure how well I did honeslty, its an interview where it can go either way.

    If you need more information I will be happy to give!

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