My Chances So Far?

Discussion in 'Naval Academy - USNA' started by dani2016, Feb 16, 2010.

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    Feb 13, 2010
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    I was wondering if someone could honestly tell me about what my chances are so far. I am only a sophomore, so i understand if its hard to tell so far. I also was wondering about how the midshipmen in the academy get chosen for certain things, for instance the marine corps (which is what i would like to be in)
    So anyway, here's what i have so far

    Freshman Year, 3.28gpa: (I didn't do well and am planning to do better for the rest of my high school career)
    - Honors Geometry: C, D
    - Honors English 9: A, B
    - Guitar: A, A
    - Honors Biology: B, B
    - Italian 1: A, A
    - Technology Education: A, A
    - Honors U.S. History: A, B

    Sophomore Year, 3.75gpa: (only done first semester so far)
    - Honors English 10: A
    - Honors Algebra 2: B
    - AP Government: A
    - Italian 2: A
    - Yoga: A
    - Journalism: A
    - Honors Chemistry: B

    - Varsity soccer since Freshman Year
    - Played Club soccer for my whole life
    - Habitat for Humanity Club

    - Plan to be in National Honors Society (when eligible)
    - Taking many AP classes for the future
    - Plan to be captain of school soccer team when senior
    - Be on snowboard team next winter
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    Make sure you practice your test taking through the PSAT if your given the oppertunity at your school! :D
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    Community Service

    Hello...I can't stress this service...volunteer work...get involved...lead the way in community affairs! Good Luck! :thumb:

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