My humble apologies


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Jul 9, 2006
From Line in the Sand:

"Soldier, Sailor, Airmen, Marine, and Coast Guardsmen" was meant to REMIND people that we haven't only lost Soldiers and Sailors. If it's a post to "remember", I think it is important to remember all members who have lost their lives.

The post was not a correction, as much as a reminder.

I didn't want to further hijack another thread.
To ALL readers on this forum - please accept my humble apologies. I stand corrected and I am truly sorry if anyone left out by my quote:
4,000 soldiers and sailors have given the Ultimate Sacrifice.
This was not meant to be exclusionary. It was meant in a general sense - as opposed to "Soldiers and Sailors". In hind sight I should have just said "soldiers" (Not "Soldiers") as all those who serve in all branches of the military are "soldiers" in this war. I mean that with the utmost of respect.
Those of you whom were offended - please accept my apology.
No apology needed, at all. I didn't bring it up with the idea that you intentionally left out any branches. I thought it was just important to remind people that By soldiers and sailors, we needed to also include others.

The original post I made was much shorter, the second one needed an explaination.

You're on here for a good reason. I would suspect others out there, somewhere might have a motive to say one branch or another, but on here, I can't really see anyone doing that.

Sacrifice is sacrifice, no matter what branch it is, and no matter who does it. Loved ones sacrifice comfort, some of their dreams, some acceptance, and sometimes even happiness to support their loved ones in harms way.
Really not Relevant

But funny me at least (and it's only 31 secs)

Hey JAM - I knew what you meant - soldiers as service people inclusive.

Hey LITS - Coasties are cool and their service is much appreciated.:smile: