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    hi everyone,

    i've posted on this forum but i've never properly introduced myself. my dd has just been accepted to usma as a recruited athlete for track and xc. we don't have the actual paperwork but the portal is up and the congressman called so i think we are good here.

    dd was first contacted by wp when she was in 10th grade. she filled in some brief info and then was invited up for junior weekend. i'm so glad we went up to junior weekend this is when dd decided she wanted to go to west point. she just knew. she had a stress fracture her junior year and didn't go to state in xc or track. her grades weren't awesome at this point nor her test scores.

    her senior year she worked hard and got her grades and test scores up. in november she made it to state and pr'd at that meet. then she got the congressional nom in december. they liked the fact that she had visited wp her junior year. she also is captain of her xc and track teams and chaired a 5k for our library and is her senior class rep.

    over the winter break dd sent an e-mail to the xc coach at wp to tell him about er her new pr and about her nom. when they checked her portal they weren't showing grades or test scores. so basically she finished her application up late janurary. she was admitted on feb 14th then dq'd on march 27th. she got her waiver on the 8th and here we are to today.

    nice to meet everyone. i can't believe she made it through. i'm still in shock.


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