My Introduction


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Apr 22, 2023
I am a junior from Florida. I am looking at applying to the USAFA, USMA, and maybe the Coast Guard Academy with USAFA being my top choice. I am attending SLE and USAFASS but am unable to attend Girl's State. I have started the application for nominations from my senators and congressman.

By the time I graduate, I will have taken AP World History, United States History, English Language and Composition, Physics 1, Environmental Science, US Gov, and Calculus AB. I have a 3.95 uw GPA and 5.04 w GPA. My SAT score is 1420 (660 math/ 760 ebrw), and my ACT score is 32 (26 m/32 s/ 34 r/35w). I plan to take the July ACT to raise my math score.

Cross Country- joined in 9th grade; varsity this year; will probably not be captain.
Track and Field-joined in 9th grade; varsity all years; might be captain next year, but I'm not sure
JROTC- joined in 9th grade; on the Raider Team (went to state competition this year) and the Leadership Team since 10th grade; Battalion S3, Leadership Team Captain, and Battalion Executive Officer
Orchestra- I've been playing since 5th grade; part of a youth orchestra in my area; part of my school's orchestra from 9th-10th grade; All county orchestra member in 10th grade
I am in my school's National Honors Society and Science Honors Society
I assume if you are a Raider you are rocking fitness tests? Did you go to nationals?

Girls State if it's not too late and maybe student government.

Looking good!
Welcome to the forums. Looks like you have a great resume to start your application with. Definitely make sure you have practiced the CFA. You don't want any of those events to surprise you as to how difficult they are at SLE.
I have been working on the CFA. Hopefully I can get it done at sle.
I missed the deadline for girls state but wouldn’t have been able to go anyway