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    I'm a college student who tried to transfer to VMI after my first year, and ended up getting waitlisted/denied. However, the letter I received from my VMI expressed interest in me and offered advisement on what sort of courses I should take at my current college. So I did call up and speak with the transfer officer about what sort of courses I should take, in which he advised overall that I keep doing what I'm doing academically.

    However, he did also stress suggestions of courses I take in which he told me to continuing concentrating on my majors(history/poli sci) while at the same time taking a well rounded course load to include some other subjects as well, like math, science, English, or something else. In which I'm slated to take some math and science courses this coming semester. He also told me to take a public speaking class in which I have also signed up to take at my current institution.

    Here is where my dilemma comes in, he also stressed in terms of taking material related to my course area to take a micro or macroeconomics class. However, I've reached my course limit and I have to choose between this class, and a class for my majors like the comparative government one. In addition, in terms of the physical/athletic part of my courseload next year, I dropped a rock climbing/grappling course to take public speaking, although the Lt. Colonel in admissions I spoke to about this course wasn't sure it would have transferred.

    So these issues are what I am facing and if anyone could chime in, I would like to hear.

    Also here is the schedule I'm currently slated to take for the upcoming semester at my current institution entering my sophomore year.

    Chemistry in Society I

    Chemistry in Society I Lab


    Intermediate French I

    Fundamentals of Speech

    Medieval History

    Comparative Government: Western Europe/EU
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    First, make sure whatever classes you take will transfer! It would be a terrible waste of money to take classes that sound good, and then end up not getting credit for them. The folks in admissions can give you more specific guidance on this (if they have not already done so), but it will probably involve getting in contact with the different academic departments directly.

    Second, if you can, stick more to the general requirements. I would recommend taking econ over comparative government. If you're more interested in history or international studies, take the courses that might not be so interesting before you get to VMI. Being able to take classes you enjoy will remove a lot of the pressure that is inherent to the Institute.

    Again, the main thing you should be concerned with is transferability of credits.

    Good luck,

    Jackie M. Briski '09
    First Class PVT (Ret.)
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    I like you went to college prior to applying to VMI. My biggest fear/question was whether my classes would all receive credit for their respective fields. Fortunately, all of the credits were accepted, but with the good comes the bad and some were put in filling some of my elective spots. For example, I still had to take chemistry all over again. It looks to me as if you're headed toward the History/IS side so I would get ahold of the department head Colonel Hentz who is a great guy. His email address is and i'm sure he'd be more than willing to help you out. I would also look into the master schedules for either the History or International Studies major and see if the courses you've selected and the courses in the curriculum match up.

    Hope this helps,

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