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    Before I get into my situation with my senior year classes, let me give some background. I go to an extremely small high school; there are less than 90 kids 9-12 grade. We offer zero AP and zero honors courses. Because of this, I tested out of some classes my freshman year so I could take the next grade level up, and because I didn't want to be stuck in classes learning stuff I already knew. Doing that made it so my school, at times, could't offer enough classes to me. That meant I could take more advanced classes online. I also have 22.5 credits after only three years, more than some seniors have when they graduate from my school.

    Now I am into my senior year, and I won't even be taking any classes at my high school because I have nothing left I can take. Because of this, my school is letting me dual enroll and take certain online classes. Because college classes are scheduled so differently and I am involved in several extracurriculars, I am only taking 4 classes my first semester and 5 my second. As long as I explain to USAFA what I did above (but in better detail), will it be okay that I can only take 4/5 classes? I have attatched a copy of my transcript in case anyone cares enough to want more details. The classes I am taking this year are as follows:

    First Semester: AP Computer Science A, Dual Enrollment- Calculus I, General Physics I, Principles of Chemistry I

    Second Semester: AP Computer Science A, Dual Enrollment- Calculus II, General Physics II, Principles of Chemistry II, Intro to Ethics

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    Should be fine. I would recommend taking stuff outside of school as well. Whether it be sports or president of a debate team, etc. All that helps tremendously when trying to get into the USAFA.
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    (Caution: protective mom post ahead!)

    Please remove the transcript from your post. It has a lot of personal information that should not be made public. At least black out The identifying information. Names, adressss, birthdays, school names, etc are dangerous in the wrong hands! Never let stangers on the internet know where you are. I don’t want to scare you or sound overly cautious, but also consider checking your credit report regularly to make sure your identity wasn’t stolen.
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    To add onto what she said I would recommend to your parents one of those indentity theft protections. Like Lifelock or something.
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    This is an anonymous Internet forum, unlike personal social sharing sites. Look around - no real names, no identifiable photos, no personal identifying info, no personal documents. This is for your protection.

    You can delete your entire post, and I recommend that. If the editing window is closed for that, contact a mod or @TacticalNuke to get it removed. You simply do not want this much info about you floating around out there.

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    That's a pretty healthy schedule, you should be fine.