NAPS enlistment

Neither....NAPS is only offered by USNA admissions, to those who apply to USNA, but are judged to require a year of prep.

If you want more info on NAPS, you would likely best contact your BGO or USNA admissions. (BGO's please chime in).

From the USNA site:
NAPS is the Naval Academy Preparatory School. NAPS offers a 10-month college preparatory course to regular and reserve Navy and Marine Corps enlisted men and women who are seeking Naval Academy appointments. This program is designed to strengthen the academic background of incoming candidates. Navy and Marine Corps personnel who apply but are not appointed to the Naval Academy are automatically considered for admission to NAPS. The Academy also identifies a number of promising and highly motivated civilian candidates who are not successful on their first attempt at admission and offers them the opportunity to enlist in the Naval Reserve for the express purpose of attending NAPS to prepare for admission to the Naval Academy. A separate application for NAPS is not necessary. NAPS website can be found here.

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I believe NAPS requires a swearing in to the Naval Reserves at an enlisted rank (can't remember what it is). If that is still the case a local enlisted recruiter would work. Hopefully someone who recently attended NAPS can confirm. Might also drop your BGO an email.
Apologies to the OP. I think I misunderstood the question. :confused:
Not clear what the OP is asking. In a prior post on 4/11/17, OP indicated there were offered a spot at NAPS. If the question was clearer, we could be more helpful in offering advice.
I believe NAPS requires the soon to be Midshipmen Candidates to be enlisted in the Navy Reserves before reporting to NAPS. I think they are asking if they need to see an officer or enlisted recruiter to do this. There should be a pile of paperwork that comes with this. If it is in fact that is the question at hand I would call or email NAPS admin, contact your BGO. I am surprised the paperwork doesn't provide more detail.
An officer has to administer the oath of office and sign the paperwork for someone going to Naps, although they are considered E1 and paid as such.
My apologies I didn't see these replies! Yes I am already accepted to NAPS and was curious which recruiter to go to, however it is recruited. If anybody else from MD Reads this in the future try and find the recruiter in Hanover, very nice and efficient guy I was sworn in and enlisted in under an hour!