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    I figure all you NAPSTERS might have some interest in this article.

    By Annalisa Cachin, Naval Facilities Engineering Command Mid-Atlantic Public Affairs

    NORFOLK (NNS) -- Naval Facilities Engineering Command (NAVFAC) Mid-Atlantic awarded a $6 million contract to Watermark Environmental, Inc. of Lowell, Mass., Nov. 5 to make improvements to the training support space for the students at the Naval Academy Preparatory School (NAPS) at Naval Station Newport, R.I.

    Work to be performed provides for the construction of an addition to the open area beneath Perry Hall, as well as the renovation of existing floor area in the adjacent west wing, providing an additional 12,000 square feet to include training support space.

    According to NAVFAC Mid-Atlantic Construction Manager Robert Krivinskas, the new space will allow prep school students to have a quieter environment in which to study.

    Students are currently housed in Nimitz Hall, Building 197, a dormitory-style building reported to have high noise levels due to required training of the Officer Training Command occupying the decks above. Building 197 is slated to be demolished in a separate project.

    Construction will also include enclosing the open area along the north and south sides, constructing interior offices (including finishes and modular spaces), constructing all required improvements in electrical, heating, ventilating and air-conditioning work and the removal of existing asbestos from all renovated spaces of Perry Hall.

    The Perry Hall project will also renovate rooms on the upper floor for the Starbase-Atlantis program, which is being displaced by the new NAPS offices, said Krivinskas. Starbase-Atlantis teaches science and model rocketry to elementary school children.

    Regular class instruction will continue in unaffected spaces of Perry Hall, Building 440, during construction.

    The additions and renovations will contribute to the NAPS mission to prepare selected candidates morally, mentally and physically for officer accession through the U.S. Naval Academy.

    NAVFAC manages the planning, design, construction, contingency engineering, real estate, environmental and public works support for U.S. Navy shore facilities around the world, providing the Navy's forces with the operating, expeditionary, support and training bases they need.

    The work is expected to be completed by January 2012.

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    Daughter thought NAPS quarters were outstanding compared to Bancroft.:biggrin:

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