NASS acceptances

Virginian here. Haven't heard anything yet. Applied the day it opened and have been waiting for some time now. I did get a CVW invite and went to that. I'm just scared it went to my junk.
I went on a CVW in March also and haven't heard back yet. I'm starting to think it's too late for me to hear anything positive.
Got my denial letter today

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Don't get too hung up on not being selected for NASS on your chances for appointment next year. Every year there are candidates that do not get accepted to NASS but receive an appointment. NASS acceptance is nice but it doesn't necessarily mean anything when you submit you application in the fall.
There is still HOPE!

My DS was waitlisted for NASS, but today received an invite to Summer Seminar - Session 2. My heart sank because she has scheduling conflict for the NASS 2 time slot. Sent a quick e-mail to see if any way possible she could change to NASS 1 and USNA responded in just a couple of hours with a "Yes"!

Our DS is heading to NASS Session 1! Hang in there NASS hopefuls on the waitlist! There is still a chance for a slot at NASS (we know for sure that at least one slot opened in NASS session 2).
I applied on the first day and just got my acceptance email! What a relief! Good luck to everyone else out there. I'll be at session 3 and going to a sports camp right after.