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Sep 14, 2008
Hello everyone. I just found this great forum and I hope it will help a lot.

I am a junior in HS and I really want to do the SS during the summer of 09. I know that it is a week at the academy and you participate in academic workshops and various things that show life as a cadet. What I do not know is all the requirements. Applications start early next year and all I really know is that they want a 3.5 GPA. I talked to my Blue and Gold officer briefly about it and he didn't go into detail about anything else that is required.

I will easily have a 3.5 GPA for this year, but my freshman year I did very very poorly academically because I did not try in school. I do not think my cumulative GPA will be up to par until the end of high school. My question is, is the application to the SS similar to the actual application to the academy where they look at you as a whole versus just your grades?

If they look at cumulative GPA, I will not meet the requirements academically.

Thanks for any help!
As you will hear many times in your application to any academy, they look at the "whole person," even for NASS. Sure a 4.0 GPA will help, but is it all they look at? NO... When the NASS application comes out, just complete it. You'll never know if you'll get in or not unless you try.
They look at everything. But they will ask for cumulative GPA. All colleges ask for cumulative.
Please follow this link to learn more about the Naval Academy Summer Seminar. Here you will find:
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My advice is to apply for NASS if you are really interested in attending the Naval Academy. It is a unique opportunity to experience a small slice of life as a Midshipsman...cadets go to those other service academies. :wink:

I also advise all candidates to let the USNA Candidate Guidance Office decide if you are or are not qualified for NASS, NAPS, USNA and other programs offered. They look at you as a 'whole person' and empahsis is not placed on one aspect of your candidate file. Personally, if I had to go only on my high school GPA (uggh...) I would have not gotten far in the application process.

Good luck and BEAT ARMY!
Apologies for the typo. A student at USNA is a Midshipman, not a Midshipsman...
Doogan, you've received good advice here re: whole person, geography, etc. To that I would add that PSAT and/or SAT scores count as well.

My son has always suspected that weak scores were the reason he was turned down for NASS, and FAST, despite an otherwise competitive profile. (Happy ending: he's entering his Youngster year @ USNA, and made Supe's list last year.)

Just do what you can do, and if you really want this, don't give up.

(And friendly, motherly nudge: Don't call Midshipmen "cadets" anywhere in your app!)
I appreciate all your help! I have done a lot of research and I really want to attend a military institute, but I am still fairly new to the whole thing. So thanks for all your replies, I knew this would be a helpful place.

To NorthernCalMother, I had never heard that before, thank you for the tip.