NASS Rejections?


Feb 19, 2019
Hello all,

Just recently I got a rejection to USMA SLE. Hard to hear but after waiting for this long I didn’t have high hopes. I was accepted to USAFA SS which is great, but now just waiting on NASS. Has anyone gotten rejections or heard of them coming out yet? I know there were acceptances that came out yesterday and many other times before; I’ve heard nothing... truthfully starting to lose hope for that one at this point.

Anyone in the same boat? Or have advice?

Thanks so much, congrats to everyone excepted and good luck to those still waiting!


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Apr 9, 2017
My advice is to not fret about it. Acceptance is for your benefit, to see if you like the SA or not. It’s not a precursor to acceptance. At all. Only ONE other person from DS’s SS (that he met during SS) is at USNA with him. Most of his SS did not attend USNA ultimately, for whatever reason. There is a ‘percent of xxx class did not attend SS’ statistic somewhere, I’m not recalling it, but it’s quite high. Most appointees do not attend. You can search around the forums and read a lot about this subject.

What you really need to understand is that the summer programs are NOT indicative of your potential to obtain an appointment. At all. So if you don’t receive an invitation, don’t give that another thought. Continue moving forward preparing your best candidate package.

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Jan 5, 2012
There are many, many threads on this Forum discussing the impact of NASS acceptance, rejection, or attendance.
The official word is that it has no official effect upon your ultimate success as a USNA candidate, and I have no reason to question that. However, you will see many postings where candiates/parents think it matters.